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Kate offers private sessions via Skype, NES remote scanning, email and phone.  Her sessions are customized per your lifestyle, athletic and health needs.

Skype name – kate.montgomery5283

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Kate’s Protocol to Vibrant Health and Regeneration

Sports Touch ‘3’ Protocol

  1. Sports Touch Kinesiology ~ Self Care ~ Daily Health Rituals (Sports Touch the book)
  2. Hair Mineral Analysis ~ Biochemical Assessment
  3. NES Health Scan ~ Bioenergetic Assessment ~ Correct distorted information to allow for the body’s innate healing response
  4. Sports Touch Kinesiology ~ Self Care
  5. End Your Carpal Tunnel Pain Without Surgery ~ Self Care

Kate is a certified Touch for Health instructor and consultant combining all 3 of her specialties which are used in a session to give you the best in health care, natural healing, and self care.

It only takes your willingness to persevere with commitment toward achieving your health and continuing with a daily maintenance program.

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