Hair Mineral Analysis



A Hair Mineral Analysis is a comprehensive test to evaluate your metabolic blue print. Your hair is sent to a lab where it is put through a spectrometer to analyze various minerals and toxic metals to see how your body is functioning at the cellular level.

HairHealth problems today with aging, stress and day to day running of one’s life, can create an imbalance in the metabolism.  Research has shown that a hair analysis can tell you exactly what is out of balance and how to go about adjusting your life style according to your metabolic blue print.  Every report includes a Multi-Element Laboratory Mineral Assay, and Comprehensive Interpretation.

The report will review significant mineral levels and ratios and provides pertinent information related to the patient’s metabolic rate, energy levels, sugar and carbohydrate tolerance, immune system, glandular activity, autonomic balance, metabolic trends, basic dietary guidelines and a complete dietary supplement program designed to assist in balancing body chemistry.

Please call for a free consult to discuss a Hair Mineral Analysis.  574-326-7756 cell.

Consultation: This program includes lab fee and consult, a written interpretation booklet, shipping and handling. This can be paid through paypal. Please ask about this on how to send. This takes approximately 2 – 3 hours to discuss. While waiting for your results, I require a Health Questionnaire to be filled out and emailed back to me. Please send to Thank you.

Initial Hair Mineral Analysis $299.00

Retest Hair Mineral Analysis $263.00

Hair Mineral Analysis Formsthe password will be emailed to you after receipt of payment and Health Questionnaire

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