NES Health Scan



NES Health Scan $200.00

This video gives a brief overview of NES Health, the Total WellNES System and the Science behind the future of healthcare.

The Seven Major Principles of the Human Body Field

NES Health + Energetic Drivers

The Coming Medical Revolution

Information + Physics + Global Scaling

“Last year I was exposed to black mold and in the course of trying everything I know in alternative medicine, I found NES.  After my first scan, I saw where my body was energetically and where all the distortions were.  It was so accurate and right on, that I immediately went on a program of infoceuticals and also at that time I decided to add NES to my clients health protocol.  It was the last missing link to my programs for self care.  I am so much better after my 7 protocols with NES and using the mihealth everyday.  This is Self Care at its Best!”


I highly recommend a NES scan.  Research shows that it will give you an accurate view point of the energetic health of your body and what possibilities you have for Growth and Change.

Sports Touch Kinesiology Balance – consists of clearing superficial energetic imbalances prior to a NES scan.  This is done in a in-person one to one session or via remote with Skype. I will demonstrate and talk you through each technique.

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