Rock Climbers Hand Book


Rock Climbers Hand BookThe Rock Climbers Hand Book (eBook) by Kate Montgomery

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The self care program of 12-steps involving self-assessment, alignment and self-neurolymphatic massage are simple and easy to do and take less than 5-10 minutes to perform.

This is a prevention and maintenance program that can be done any time and anywhere. Also added to the book is the Athletes First Aid Kit, a list of homeopathic remedies and more that can be used to help with musculoskeletal recovery.

The Rock Climbers Hand Book (ebook format) is fully illustrated to demonstrate techniques.

When I observed rock climbing and muscle tested the climbers hand-grip strength, I saw the need for a simple self-care program that could help reduce injuries to the arm, elbow and hand as well as prepare the climber for the next ascent.

With any physical activity, when you prepare your body, just like you prepare before sitting down at your computer, it can help to reduce the risk of injury to these areas of the body most stressed.

Preparing to climb, making sure your equipment is reliable is only one step in the process for a safe and secure climb.  The Body is the 2nd step.  Fine Tuning and Priming the Body to climb should be one of your most important steps. The Rock Climbers Hand Book gives you the necessary techniques to Prime your body to climb with strength and power.

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