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Touch For Health Kinesiology is a system utilizing muscle testing as a method of biofeedback to identify imbalances in the body’s energy system.

        As a health practitioner I use Touch for Health kinesiology techniques and many others as homework for my clients. Here are a few simple Energetic Ritual techniques you can do everyday to prepare your body for learning, increasing coordination, reducing stress, and creating energetic boundaries.

This is great for all ages, especially school age children where learning can be very stressful. After a doing this balance, you may find that you have more clarity and feel more connected in your body.  This also empowers one to be more aware of their health maintenance and wellbeing.

The Self Care techniques are simple and easy to do and take minutes to do.

Here are 3 techniques from the Energy and Clarity Ritual

From the The Daily Energy and Clarity Ritual.

How do you know your energy fields are imbalanced?  I always look to the brain to determine this.  Can you March easily? Try this and see.

 1. Switching – R to L – L to R Brain Balance. To determine if you are ‘Switched’.  A simple exercise is to March in Place. these self- evaluation steps will help you determine if you are Switched.

• March in place: If you have to think about how to march, you may be switched.

• When marching, in place you lift your legs but do not swing your arms, you may be switched.

• When marching, you barely lift your legs, you may be switched and arms just hang, barely moving

• If you begin to march where you lift your L arm with your L leg and R arm with the R leg, this is called homolateral walking and you are switched. This is can be caused from a trauma, shock, blow to the head, and stressful situations. This pattern can be reversed when doing these simple exercises.

• If you have trouble marching and feel uncoordinated, you are switched. Switching indicates energetic blocks in the physical and nervous system.


Look at the letter ‘X’ moving the eyes in a clockwise direction then in a counter clockwise direction. Cross the midline.

Draw a figure 8 in the air and on paper. Tracing it several times. This translates to crossing the midline to synchronize the brain R to L. I also like to do this with the opposite hand.

March in place touching L hand to R knee and touching R hand to L knee. Keep this up until it is easy to do. Remember to breathe.

2. Boundaries – Secure boundaries will help you maintain your health and wellbeing.  Do you have secured a secure boundary? Do you feel tired after being with friends and family? Are you leaking energy? They may be stealing your energy. This is called energy vampirism. A person who is energetically weaker steals energy from a person who is energetically strong.

Correction: Clearing Your Boundaries – Fuzzy Dusting and Figure 8’s. (Tibitan Figure 8’s).

Fuzzy Dusting – Before you work with a client or are with a lot of people or just feeling run down from the day, dust yourself off. You may have gathered negative energies from others or others taken energy from you.  Simply take your hands and brush yourself off – over your arms, legs, head, front and back – like dusting off the negative unwanted energy that can disrupt you.

Draw a Figure 8 through points on your body. The Body knows which direction works best for you. To know which way works best is to try moving your hand L to R then R to L. Which ever way feels the easiest, is the way you will draw the ‘8’ through the points to seal your boundaries. Always start moving upward when drawing the Figure 8.

Correction: Points: Direction to Trace

• Head Jaw to forehead – R to L or L to R – create a figure 8

• Hip to Shoulder – R to L or L to R – create a figure 8

• Foot to Hip – R to L or L to R – create a figure 8

4. Emotional Stress Release (ESR) Stress produces many physical and emotional disruptions in the body. Our capillary blood pulse on the forehead can give us an indication of our stress.

• When you are stressed, the capillary blood pulse feels like blub, blub, blub – bumpy.

• When you are calm, the capillary blood flow hums. It will feel smooth and even as stress is released.


Place your fingerpads gently on your forehead. Slightly press and feel the capillary pulse. If it feels blub, blub, blub, just breathe deeply and hold until you feel the pulse hum and synchronize with your breathing.

Make sure you drink plenty of water as the body will detoxify as it opens up its energy fields.

More Self Care Techniques coming…watch my blog