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Learn The Sports Touch ‘3' Step Self Care Health Protocols - A Daily Health Ritual, a Biochemical Assessment and a BioEnergetic Assessment.

All Encompassing to Expand the Body’s True Innate Healing Potential for Growth and Change

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Kate Montgomery

Sports Touch ~ Self Care ~ 1

Sports Touch The Book "Sports Touch" Thirty years of applied scientific research with serious athletes from professional, Olympic, masters and weekend warriors.

Hair Mineral Analysis ~ 2

REV CORE PRO™ The Hair Mineral Analysis ~ Discover Your Metabolic Blue Print. A Multi-Element Laboratory Mineral Assay, and Comprehensive Biochemical Interpretation.

NES Health Scan ~ 3

Nutri-Energetic Systems (NES) Bioenergetic Technology is the Future of Healing the Body and Restoring it to Vibrant Health and WellBeing.