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Herbal Healing Balm2 oz. Jar ~ Concentrate ~ No Fillers ~ Homeopathic Compatible ~ Restorative

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Herbal Healing BalmKate’s Herbal Healing Balm is created from nine different herbs, essential oils, softening and moisturizing agents and pain relief agents that aid in the healing process of injured tissue. All the herbs are organically grown and wild-crafted. It is a great addition to any first aid kit. Safe to use with homeopathic remedies as there are no camphor herbs/antidotes in this preparation.

When applying you use only a very small amount, about the size of your little fingernail. it spreads easily and lasts a long time. Application of how much to use depends on the area to cover. Use appropriately.


Black Walnut leaf            Marshmallow Root
Chaparral                          Mullein Leaf
Comfrey Leaf                    Root White Oak Bark
Gravel Root                      Wormwood

Essential Oils:
Wintergreen                     Castor Oil
Lavender                           St. John’s Wort Oil
Cedar Leaf                        Arnica Oil

Aloe Vera
Bees Wax
Citrus Extract

DMSO is a new addition to the formula (Dimethyl Sulforide). It is a natural compound which is a by-product of wood processing. . It has a somewhat oily liquid that looks like mineral oil and has a slightly garlicky odor. But you don’t smell it in the balm. In the late 1960’s it also became popular as a topical pain relief medication for pulled strained and sprained muscles and joints.

DMSO works in a number of ways, but these are entirely new to therapeutic principles. This is not a drug in the usual sense, since a drug treats disease symptoms. DMSO treats altered cellular function or damaged cells. The cells become healed and restored by changing and stabilizing the water structure within the cell. It exerts its effects on biological systems by changing the liquid structure of water.

Water exists in two basic structures, one more highly organized and one less organized. It may be that DMSO shifts the equilibrium between these two states of water toward the more organized form and thus speeds up the living processes of the cell, allowing healing to happen in a much accelerated fashion.

Properties that are considered to be particularly important to its therapeutic and toxic effects include: its own rapid penetration and enhanced penetration of other substances across biologic membranes; free radical scavenging; effects on coagulation; anticholinesterase activity; and DMSO-induced histamine release by mast cells.

The Herbal Healing Balm is a multipurpose balm. I have used it as well as my clients for many different reasons when addressing the healing concerns of the body.


1. Use only a small amount. Place about the size of your little fingernail on your finger pads and (also the amount depends on the area to cover) gently but lightly massage this into the sore muscle or injured area.

2. For example; if your hands are too tired to work on the sore muscles, or such as in the case of tendinitis, (symptoms of carpal tunnel/elbow to forearm/wrist and hands), place a small amount of the balm on the muscles, light smooth over the muscles; then placed a moist medium hot cotton cloth compress over the area. To insulate and keep the heat in, wrap a plastic bag around the cloth, then a towel. Sit for 30 minutes and rest the arm. I like to add an additional source of heat to extend the infusion time of the balm; Like a heating pad or hot water bottle to help maintain heat.

3. Another example; For an ankle sprain, follow the above use and elevate the ankle as necessary. Do range of motion gently after the first hour. of application of the balm. Keep applying the Herbal Healing Balm each hour and continue gentle range of motion. Rest in-between compresses. You can also add ice or a cooler compress alternating with the heat: 15 minutes with the cooler compress, 30 with heat. Sleep with the ankle wrapped in Herbal Healing Balm. The ankle will heal much faster. I know, I followed this protocol for my own ankle and in 24 hours I was hiking a mountain. The Herbal Healing Balm will penetrate into the muscles, relieving the soreness and pain and healing injured tissue quickly. Along with a heat application, this will help to increase blood and lymphatic circulation, allowing the Herbal Healing Balm to penetrate deeper, which will speed up the healing and recovery time.

This Herbal Healing Balm has been used by many who found relief from their aches and pains, arthritic conditions and more. This was a blessing delivered to me by my herbalist John Finch in 1986. It was given to him to help him heal his knee from a basketball injury. Then, it was a bag of herbs and you made a tea and soaked in it. It was a mess but it healed what was hurting. Together we came up with the balm. And since that time, those that have used it, continue to use it.

“Recently a man who wrote for another 2 jars said he could fill a 50-gallon drum with as much Balm as he has bought from me. It healed his muscles and along with my program for carpal tunnel, he was able to continue to work even to this day. “And no surgery for CTS.”

***Antidoting – particular substance or influence may disturb the vital force resulting in an interference with the homeopathic medicine. Camphor is considered an ingredient that may disrupt your taking a homeopathic medicine. The Herbal Healing Balm does not have any camphor in it.

***All jars of Herbal Healing Balm have Frequencies added to them for a stronger affect.  A patented process by Springbak.net

If you have found results from Herbal Healing Balm, please tell me about it ~ Kate

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