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• Rick Brunner –  President/Owner/Consultant


Nutrition Works



Dr. Scott Monk

Mitchell Peritz, Doctor of Chiropractic (DC)

I highly recommend Dr. Peritz. He has many years of training in his field. He is kind, caring and spends the time with you to help rebalance your structure, the musculature and he listens to you. A rare quality.


Gayle Sovinee, LMT, Cranial Sacral Therapist ~ SCORE Advisor ~ Instructor/Holistic Symmetry: NC LMBT #6520; Board Approved CE Provider #450498-07

Kathy Whorley, RDN, LD

David J. Coon – Black Mountain ~ Medical Qigong

David is a wonderful teacher and instructor. I have taken cthe medical Qigong class for the professional practitioner from David.  Amazing class! I highly recommend David and for anyone wanting to begin another selfcare program that will sustain you for life. Thank you David for my Life Renewal!

Lucent Green Technology is about using energy efficient technology to clean your air, reduce electrical costs and create a clean environment to live and breathe in. A Reduction in the amount of EMF radiation in your home leads to better sleep, reduction in allergens, and clearer thinking.  Your health will improve.

I bought the portable EMF eliminator and put it in my bedroom.  This after being exposed to molds and other contagions in my apt.  I moved out and got this.  After one week, I am sleeping and breathing better, and my mind is becoming clear again.  I highly recommend Lucent Green. ~ Kate


• Katherine Volk, LMT, NCCAOM

Katherine is a gifted Intuitive. She has helped me to find the hidden imbalances, and point me in the right direction for corrective care. I spoke with her from a distance and she was right on in her assessment of my body. I highly recommend her. She is an Angel!


Paula Easton – Graphic Designer

Paula is amazingly talented and gifted designer. She has been helping me with my latest book, graphics and designed my new Sport Touch website. I highly recommend her. No matter where you live, she can get the job done for you!