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NES + Hair Mineral Analysis (HMA) = Faster Mineral Pattern Reversal

In 1997, I was in ‘Burn Out’ . But didn’t know what to do.  I was mentally and physically exhausted.  Every thing I read was to have complete rest.  So I fled the country to South America and rested.  Found a beach and collapsed.  As I rested, I read about adrenal exhaustion.  As a health practitioner, I did everything to regain my health using natural therapies. But when you are working hard as an entrepreneur and being a single parent, it takes a lot out of you. You really don’t realize the amount of stress you endure. You just keep going…

After 2 years of resting, it didn’t change how I felt. I was still tired and I just slept a lot. When I returned to the US, I went to a doctor. I never go to a doctor, but thought I needed more insight into this. The problem was I looked great and all my blood work came back normal!!   It couldn’t be as I still felt bad.  He told me to get emotional help and it was “all in my head!” I knew something was out of balance and knew there was an answer… just where to find it?  (I have had many women tell me the same thing – their doctor would say it was “All in their Head”.) They did nothing but put them on medication.

I remembered one of my athletes using HMA to check for heavy metals and thought I should do that test. I did and what a revelation in understanding how minerals (and you are made up of them) need to be in biochemical balance for the body to function correctly. So I began a year round of supplements designed for me and it worked. I felt better, my energy was great and I had found another missing piece of my self-care protocol for attaining better health.

So along with my daily two-minute energy kinesiology techniques, yoga, walking, hiking, qigong, acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, and cranial sacral, I was getting better. But stress has a way of creeping up on you and the more energy you think you have, the more you spend. And I did. Adrenal exhaustion has been part of my life for many years. I never thought I would ever reverse it but I did. Here’s how with the 3rd piece of the puzzle – NES Health was the turning point.

What is Adrenal Exhaustion? ‘Burn Out’

Hans Selye M.D. gives this definition: It is the response to stress whether physical or emotional that may be harmful or beneficial depending on the type of stress and its intensity. Adrenal Exhaustion is the extreme stage of stress where the body has exhausted all energy on all levels. It can’t contain it anymore. You no longer have any energy reserves, and you are in a holding pattern to try and prevent further decline in your health.

This affects both your thyroid and adrenals, which are your energy producing glands. They are your spark plugs and battery. You must correct both in order to have maximum energy. This is done with knowing the correct amount of minerals, in the right combination the body needs to correct the imbalance.

This is the pattern that most people are in today. A great book to read is The Stress Theory of Disease – the 3 stages of stress.

A great article to read Are You a Tired Puppy by Rebecca Andrews, an acupuncturist is by far the best description I have read and I could  instantly identify.

So moving forward to 2016.

In March, I was referred to a NES representative and I had a scan done. After four hours and with my light bulbs going off, I bought the provision software and the miHealth. I had found the next missing piece of self-care to add to my program.   I began taking NES infoceuticals and getting regular monthly scans.

In February 2016, I had done a HMA and I was in adrenal exhaustion. This is a special metabolic pattern where there is a low Na/K inversion ratio. It is the hardest pattern to break. I have been on recommended supplements since February to now August.

Once I got the miHealth, I began treating myself with a hormonal protocol and taking infoceuticals as each scan recommended.

I added NES as part of my self-care protocols. Utilizing the infoceuticals and the miHealth, cellular pathways were opening up. I surmised that the supplements and nutritents I needed to sustain my health would now absorb better, faster and get to their needed destination. And they did!

Here are my HMA results from February and August 2016


The report indicated adrenal exhaustion and a metabolic pattern of a Na/K inversion. I was also in a fast metabolic pattern. My glands were working hard to keep me going, all the while I was burning out. This is the worst metabolic pattern to be in and the hardest to reverse.

The two most important readings on a HA are the Ca/Mg (cellular blood sugar) and Na/K (for the state of your health and vitality) ratios.


Ca/Mg is cellular blood sugar   Normal – 6.67 Mine 6.00

Na/K is the state of your health and vitality. Normal is 2.50 Mine 1.08 considered a serious energy loss with protein catabolism.

Ca/K is thyroid efficiency – Normal is 4.00 Mine 1.15 considered overactive fast gland.

Na/Mg is adrenal efficiency – Normal is 4.17 Mine 5.60 considered overactive fast glands.


To my surprise my stress pattern had move to the second stage – resistance stage of stress.

My metabolic pattern changed to a slow metabolism and better efficiency of the thyroid and adrenal glands. My thyroid and adrenal ratios were close to normal and my state of health Na/K ratio was within normal range.   I was no longer in protein catabolism and Burn Out. With this change, heavy metals are now being released out of organs/glands and eliminated from storage.

As the adrenal and thyroid glands improve so does my ability to handle stress. I feel better than I have in a long time. More relaxed, getting stronger and my energy level is definitely improving.


Ca/Mg   Normal 6.67 Mine 6.08

Na/K    Normal 2.50 Mine 2.67

Ca/K     Thyroid Efficiency   Normal 4.00 Mine 4.39

Na/Mg   Adrenal Efficiency   Normal 4.17 Mine 3.69

Utilizing these three protocols, I now have a concrete program I can self-monitor to regain my health. I have a long way to go but with the help of the NES protocols, infoceuticals and miHealth sessions, kinesiology techniques, and quarterly HMA reports, I know I can improve much faster. There is a light at the end of this tunnel!!

The miHealth hormonal protocol I followed was 2 minutes on each setting 2X’s a day, AM/PM.




Ovaries (Testes for a male)


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Namaste ~ Kate ‘Sunny’