Speaking Engagements


Speaking Engagement:

Nov 11, 2015, 4 -7 pm
Biltmore Forest Country Club Wellness Fair
31 Stuyvesant Rd, Biltmore Forest, NC 28803
Featuring Sports Touch (Athletic Ritual) book debut

July 2016 – Salt Lake City, UT – Touch For Health Conference  ~ Keynote Speaker – Sports Touch ~ For Health Kinesiology – 28 years of Sports Touch Kinesiology with athletes.

Need a Speaker or Workshop Leader for Your Next Conference, Organization, Training, Webinar, Tele-Seminar or Live Event? Want to make it an event to remember!

Kate is a gifted, passionate and enthusiastic speaker. She empowers her audience to participate and have fun as they explore their Body’s Hidden Map to Health. Her presentations are memorable, inspiring, and add value to every participant attending.

Her Sports Touch System has proven to increase energy, strengthen the immune system, improve focus and concentration, aid in detoxification, accelerate recovery, and most importantly, empower each and every person to take control over their health and well being!    It is a cost effective self care program.  With over 30 years of documented applied research, the results are guaranteed! Just step outside the box and witness for yourself the results.

 Topics for Presentations:

I can speak on a variety of subjects as a Holistic Health Practitioner. If you have a topic you would like me to speak on, please contact me.

Contact Kate for details on how you can have her make your next event one your organization will talk about!

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